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Smokies News Update IconWednesday - June 22nd, 2016
5:14 PM: The Oil Boutique  NOW OPEN (Pigeon Forge - Settlers Village),  God Willing More Updates ASAP

____ PM:  
Monday -May 2nd, 2016
11:17 AM: Knucklebusters Speed Shop  CLOSED (Pigeon Forge)
Tuesday - February 23rd, 2016
11:51 PM: Regency Inn  BEING TORN DOWN (Pigeon Forge)
Monday - February 22nd, 2016
9:28 AM: Boss Hogg's BBQ  NOW OPEN / MENU ONLINE (Pigeon Forge)
Monday - December 28th, 2015
4:25 PM: Elk Mountain Artifacts & Gift Shop  CLOSED (Shops At Patriot Mill - Pigeon Forge)

4:35 PM: Deep South Smokehouse  CLOSED (Sevierville), Adonay Party Supplies & Books CLOSED  Shops of Pigeon Forge - Pigeon Forge
Thursday - November 19th, 2015
10:02 AM: Impossibilities  OPENING SPRING 2016 (Gatlinburg Space Needle)
Tuesday - August 4th, 2015
4:30 PM: Pollo Loco Authentic Mexican Restaurant  NOW OPEN (Sevierville)
Saturday - July 25th, 2015
8:40 AM: Sugar Britches NOW OPEN (Wynns Mountain Village - Pigeon Forge)

9:05 AM: Ice Cream World  NOW OPEN (Wynns Mountain Village - Pigeon Forge), God Willing More Updates ASAP

____ PM:                 
Thursday - July 23rd, 2015
7:42 PM: TopJump Trampoline Park SPRING - 2016 (Pigeon Forge)
Monday - July 20th, 2015
7:42 PM: Bear Country Fun Park NOW OPEN (Pigeon Forge)
Sunday - July 19th, 2015
5:04 PM: CiCi's Pizza NOW OPEN (Pigeon Forge), Bear Crossing NOW OPEN (Pigeon Forge), Boot Junkies NOW OPEN (Pigeon Forge)
Saturday - May 16th, 2015
11:25 AM: Smoky Gift Shop NOW OPEN (Pine Mountain Village - Pigeon Forge), Bear Crossing OPENING SOON (Pigeon Forge)
Thursday - May 14th, 2015
11:25 AM: Blue Smoke Vapor NOW OPEN (Pigeon Forge)
Tuesday - April 28th, 2015
9:07 AM: Back Porch Seafood Restaurant CLOSED (Townsend)
Saturday - April 25th, 2015
2:14 PM: Country Style Fish House CLOSED (Townsend), Country Steak N' Eggs NOW OPEN / MENU IS NOW ONLINE (Townsend)
Tuesday - April 21st, 2015
9:07 AM: Harpoon Harrys Crabhouse OPENING SOON (Pigeon Forge), CiCi's Pizza OPENING SOON (Pigeon Forge)
Thursday - April 9th, 2015
9:07 AM: The Barking Boutique NOW OPEN (Wynns Mountain Village - Pigeon Forge)
Saturday - February 28th, 2015
Thursday - February 19th, 2015
4:01 AM: Evergreen Cottage Inn & Breakfast CLOSED DUE TO FIRE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 18TH, 2015) (Pigeon Forge)
Thursday - February 12th, 2015

9:01 PM: Cornerstone Pizzeria CLOSED (Gatlinburg), Senor Hoggs Cantina CLOSED (Gatlinburg)
Wednesday - February 11th, 2015
6:53 PM: Monkey Disco CLOSED Gatlinburg), Heartland Jewelry CLOSED Gatlinburg, Heartland Leather CLOSED (Gatlinburg)

7:16 PM: Econo Lodge Belle Aire CLOSED (Gatlinburg)

7:49 PM: CiCi's Pizza TENTATIVELY OPENING APRIL 2015 (Pigeon Forge), Alibis Restaurant And Bar OPENING SOON (East Parkway - Gatlinburg), Courtyard By Marriott OPENING SOON (Gatlinburg)

8:02 PM: Waffle House OPENING SOON (Pigeon Forge)

8:19 PM: 4061 Parkway Name TBA  CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY (Pigeon Forge)

8:35 PM: His Place Christian Store MOVED TO NEW LOCATION (Shops At Patriot Mill)

8:48 PM: Days Inn NOW OPEN WAS TRAVELODGE (Pigeon Forge)

9:00 PM: Pop's Italian Kitchen OPENING SOON (East Parkway - Gatlinburg)

9:20 PM: Asian Foods Drive Thru OPENING SOON (Sevierville)
Saturday - February 7th, 2015
11:05 AM: Southern Wings & Grill CLOSED East Parkway Gatlinburg)
Friday - February 6th, 2015
11:05 AM: 101Gifts CLOSED (Shops At Patriot Mill - Pigeon Forge), Rachel's Christian Store CLOSED (Shops At Patriot Mill - Pigeon Forge)
Friday - January 30th, 2015
10:06 AM: Old Mill Toy Bin CLOSED (Pigeon Forge)
Saturday - January 22nd, 2015
7:10 PM: Palace Donuts CLOSED (Sevierville Parkway)
Friday - January 9th, 2015
9:00 PM: CiCi's Pizza TENTATIVELY OPENING APRIL 2015 (Pigeon Forge)

9:08 PM: TraveLodge Inn & Suites CLOSED (Pigeon Forge)

9:44 PM: Backwoods Pizza NOW OPEN - MENU ONLINE (Covered Bridge In The Glades - Gatlinburg)
Thursday - January 8th, 2015
5:26 PM: Lollipop Guild CLOSED (Settlers Village - Pigeon Forge)
Wednesday - January 7th, 2015
9:48 AM: The Cabin Cafe CLOSED (Gatlinburg)

4:31 PM: Fatboys BBQ CLOSED (Wears Valley)

5:26 PM: Hitman's Pizzeria MENU UPDATE (Sevierville)
Tuesday - January 6th, 2015
5:04 PM: Berkshires Old Fashioned Frozen Custard CLOSED (Gatlinburg)

5:36 PM: Little Tokyo Hibachi Grill & Sushi Bar MENU UPDATE (Pigeon Forge)
Monday - January 5th, 2015
7:11 AM: Bible Verse Greeting Cards CLOSED (Gatlinburg)
Tuesday - December 30th, 2014
11:13 AM: Kenneth Wayne Gallery CLOSED (Gatlinburg)
Sunday - December 28th, 2014
11:13 AM: Rocky Top Restaurant And Tavern CLOSED (Gatlinburg)
Thursday - December 25th, 2014
11:13 AM: Sweet Peas CLOSED (Waldens Landing - Pigeon Forge)
Saturday - December 20th, 2014
4:00 PM: This & That Woodworks CLOSED (Covered Bridge In The Glades - Gatlinburg)
Friday - December 19th, 2014
9:14 AM: Uncommon Grounds CLOSED (Covered Bridge In The Glades - Gatlinburg)
Monday - December 8th, 2014
9:14 AM: Las Brasas Family Restaurant CLOSED (Sevierville)
Friday - December 5th, 2014
6:40  PM: Dianes Furniture Store CLOSED (Pigeon Forge)
Thursday - October 30th, 2014
1:03  PM: Rob's Automotive CLOSED (Pigeon Forge)
Friday - October 24th, 2014
4:16 PM: The Paisley Peacock NOW OPEN - 360 VIRTUAL TOUR ONLINE ASAP (Pigeon Forge)
Thursday - October 22nd, 2014
12:28 AM: Palace Donut NOW OPEN - 360 VIRTUAL TOUR IS NOW ONLINE (Sevierville)
Friday - October 17th, 2014
11:32 PM: Fall Colors 2014 360 VIRTUAL COLORS TOUR SAMPLING IS NOW ONLINE - COSBY OVERLOOK ONLY TODAY (Gatlinburg / Sevierville)
Wednesday - October 15th, 2014
9:19 AM: Lock Stock & Knives TENTATIVELY OPENING SOON - 360 COVERAGE ASAP (Millstone Village - Pigeon Forge)
Monday - October 13th, 2014
Thursday - October 9th, 2014
2:09 PM: Fall Colors 2014 3 Locations Only 360 VIRTUAL COLORS TOUR SAMPLING IS NOW ONLINE - MORE COVERAGE FIRST BLUE SKY GOD WILLING (Gatlinnurg / Sevierville)
Wednesday - October 8th, 2014
6:33 PM: Took Some Fall Color Updates Today Online Later This Evening,  Park View Inn NOW OPEN - WAS HOWARD JOHNSONS (East Parkway - Gatlinburg)

7:34 PM: All Sauced Up NOW OPEN (Pigeon Forge), CiCi's Pizza COMING 2015 (Pigeon Forge), Pigeon Forge Convention Hotel & Resort COMING 2015 (Pigeon Forge), Harpoon Harry's Crabhouse COMING APRIL 2015 (Pigeon Forge), East Gate Laundry NOW OPEN (Wears Valley Road - Pigeon Forge)

8:56 PM: MV Pro Wireless NOW OPEN - 360 VIRTUAL TOUR IS NOW ONLINE (Sevierville)
Saturday - September 27th, 2014
2:50 PM: Palace Donuts OPENING SOON - MENU ONLINE NOW! (Sevierville)
Thursday - September 25th, 2014
5:06 PM: French's Shoes & Boots NOW OPEN (Sevierville)
Wednesday - September 24th, 2014
7:43 PM: All Sauced Up OPENING SOON (Pigeon Forge), CiCi's Pizza OPENING 2015  (Sevierville)
Monday - September 22nd, 2014
5:27 PM: Domino's Pizza Gatlinburg NOW OPEN / 360 VIRTUAL TOUR & MENU ARE NOW ONLINE (Gatlinburg)
Friday - September 19th, 2014
9:52 AM: Society For Preservation Of Mountain Culture NOW OPEN (Arts & Crafts Loop - Gatlinburg)

3:57 PM: Whistle Stop Station NOW OPEN - 360 VIRTUAL TOUR IS NOW ONLINE (Arts & Crafts Loop - Gatlinburg)

7:03 PM: Paisley Peacock OPENING SOON (Pigeon Forge)
Thursday - September 18th, 2014
9:58 AM: Glades Soda Fountain MENU UPDATE (Morning Mist Village - Gatlinburg)

6:25 PM: Pigeon Forge Soap Company NOW OPEN (Old Forge Plaza - Pigeon Forge)

8:09 PM: Glades Soda Fountain 360 VIRTUAL TOUR IS NOW ONLINE (Morning Mist Village - Gatlinburg)
Tuesday - September 16th, 2014
9:29 AM: Palace Donuts OPENING SOON (Sevierville Parkway)

9:56 AM: East Gate Laundry OPENING SOON (Wears Valley Road - Pigeon Forge)

10:40 AM: LaQuinta Inn & Suites BROCHURE IS NOW ONLINE (Pigeon Forge)

11:00 AM: Pit Stop Quick Lube & Car Wash CLOSED (Pigeon Forge)

12:59 PM: Tara Jean's Ice Cream And Bakery MENU UPDATE (Sevierville Parkway)
Sunday - September 14th, 2014
10:36 PM: FARMHOUSE Home Goods NOW OPEN - 360 VIRTUAL TOUR IS NOW ONLINE (Covered Bridge In The Gades- Gatlinburg)
Saturday - September 13th, 2014
9:59 AM: Country Holly Hand-Carved Products MANY PRODUCTS NOW ONLINE - ALL 360 VIRTUAL(,  Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster BROCHURE IS NOW ONLINE (Gatlinburg)
Friday - September 12th, 2014
9:18 PM: Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster FULL RIDE VIDEO - NO BRAKES APPLIED! / WELCOME VIDEO ON THE WAY (Gatlinburg)

10:48 PM:  Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster WELCOME VIDEO ALSO NOW ONLINE (Gatlinburg)
Thursday - September 11th, 2014
8:12 PM: Craft Tour Antiques 360 VIRTUAL TOUR IS NOW ONLINE (Glades Area - Gatlinburg)

8:35 PM: Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster NOW OPEN (Gatlinburg)
Wednesday - September 10th, 2014
4:13 PM: Crafttour Antiques NOW OPEN - 360 TOUR ASAP (Glades Area - Gatlinburg), FARMHOUSE Home Goods OPENING SOON (Covered Bridge In The Glades - Gatlinburg)
Tuesday - September 9th, 2014
8:31 PM: CiCi's Pizza COMING 2015 (Pigeon Forge)
Monday - September 8th, 2014
8:31 PM: Thistle Dew! WELCOME VIDEO NOW ONLINE (  )
Sunday - September 7th, 2014
8:44 PM: Gospel Magic & Illusions NOW OPEN (Baskins Square Mall - Gatlinburg)

8:31 PM: More Than A Candle WELCOME VIDEO NOW ONLINE (  )
Saturday - September 6th, 2014
10:33 AM: Vape Station NOW OPEN (Gatlinburg Mountain Mall - Gatlinburg)

11:38 AM: The Coffee Shack NOW OPEN (Gatlinburg)

8:44 PM: Cornerstone Pizzeria NOW OPEN (Gatlinburg)
Friday - September 5th, 2014
3:49 PM: Harpoon Harry's Crabhouse COMING SOON (Pigeon Forge)

4:01 PM: Unique Purses And More CLOSED (Gatlinburg)

5:23 PM: Starbucks NOW OPEN (Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler - Gatlinburg)

10:10 PM: Gatlinburg Parkway Coffee NOW OPEN (Gatlinburg)
Thursday - September 4th, 2014
3:50 AM: Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster OPENING SOON (Gatlinburg)

4:04 AM: The Teachers Pet CLOSED (Governors Crossing - Sevierville)

9:05 AM: Whistlestop Station OPENING SOON/ 360 TOUR ASAP (Gatlinburg)

9:48 AM: Ski Mountain Pizza NOW OPEN / MENU ONLINE (Gatlinburg)

9:56 AM: Briarstone Inn CLOSED (Pigeon Forge)

11:28 PM: Appalachian Trail Store  OPENING SOON (Millstone Village - Pigeon Forge), All Sauced Up OPENING SOON (Pigeon Forge), Riverwalk Park